Mushroom Adventures : They are growing!

IMG_3763 It’s working!! This simple box of soil and “mold” is doing what it promised to do:     grow mushrooms!

I did my part. I religiously came home from work and misted this mysterious box of soil, not really sure if this was just a well thought out plan to scam people into buying boxes of dirt or if something would actually come of it.  I came home tonight, picked up my mister bottle and found MUSHROOMS GROWING!!!

Very exciting.  While there are only a couple, little tiny mushrooms, they are proof that good things, bigger mushrooms and delicious mushroom recipes to are come.

IMG_3764 Keep growing little ones!


  1. wow, this is seriously cool!

  2. Whoa! That is so exciting!! I have to admit I was skeptical when we opened that thing, ha!

  3. Sarah

    Loved this blog even before I realised we'd met at brunch! Think your photos of food are super beautiful!

    Best wishes, Aleid

  4. I want a mushroom update!!

  5. Thank Aleid! Alex, sorry I haven't updated lately. Your wish is my command... new post in 10 minutes!