Blizzard of '10 and my mushroom adventure begins!

Well it's snowing again!  This is more snow than the DC area has seen in a LONG time.  While they are calling for close to 30 inches by the end of the day tomorrow we are still at about 4 inches right now.  None the less... it's all very exciting.  The snow has quietly turned the city's volume down to a hush and softened all its edges.  Beautiful.

About a week ago I ordered a "grown your own mushroom kit" in the mail on a whim.  I've always wanted to go mushroom hunting and while this is the wrong season and I live in completely the wrong area of the world to do so I thought this could be a close second!

After spending a long day at the restaurant today I finally got home around 10:30 PM to find a box at my door!
So fun!
The top of the box says I can't open it until Sunday.  I wonder what's going on in that box!?


I'll periodically update you on the "mushroom adventure status".  Hopefully I will have button  and portabella mushrooms to eat soon!
5 inches deep in snow and I'm signing off.  We'll see how much snow I wake up to.

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  1. The best part about your mushrooms in a box are that they are "fun and exciting" two words I have yet to associate with anything mushroom related...unless of course they are the illegal variety.