A little more about me

Hi, my name is Sarah! Come share my culinary adventures cooking through my favorite cookbooks, trying out recipes from my favorite blogs and revisiting family favorites. Most are successes, sometimes they are failures....but there is always fun! 

While there is nothing wrong with a little marshmallow fluff here and there or a mystery meat hot dog when you watch baseball, I try and cook with mostly whole foods. The last few books I have read have really opened up my eyes to the wrong turns our food industry has taken.  As a result, I am trying to stay away from the readily available packaged foods and attempting to only cook "real food", food my great grandmother would have recognized.  I  am also coming to the realization that whole foods, fats and certain oils are better for you than they are bad.  Red meat, sugar, whole milk, bacon fat and butter don't scare me! It's all about moderation!

I also really enjoy photography, which is partly how this blog came about.  Not only did I want to try new recipes but I wanted to explore the world of food photography.  I'm learning that it is a lot harder than it looks to take a dish, steaming with delicious potential, and turn it into an equally as appetizing photograph.  I suppose that's why there are professionals.  Where there is a professional there must be an amateur!  Tips and tricks are welcome.  This blog is as much about me sharing my love of food and photography as it is an opportunity to for me learn new techniques in the food and the photography world!

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