Mushroom adventures begin!

My mushroom adventures have begun!  I’m a few days late posting this because I’ve been distracted by the ridiculous winter weather we’ve been having these past few days.

I waited until February 7th to open my mushroom box, as instructed.  I’ll update all you readers (or my family and few friends who actually read this) and let you know how this “adventure” goes!

IMG_3661 Box of moldy soil: Yes

Bag of more soil: Yes

Instructions to turn box and bag into mushrooms: Yes!

Here we go!

Take the bag of soil and pour water into it.  Mix it up and pour it over the moldy soil.

IMG_3665IMG_3666I look a little confused.  We’ll see if this actually works!

Next: gently pat the wet soil down and “scrape” the top to create little microclimates for the mushrooms to grown in.

Mist the soil daily to keep it moist. 


All I have to do is wait now!  Updates to come once a week.

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