Snowmageddon, the aftermath: Brunch and a walk in the snow.

I woke up on Sunday to bright blue sky and a beautiful post-blizzard day and a phone call from my friend Anne who wanted to know if I wanted to go out for brunch.  Of course!
I had been wanting to try a new restaurant on 14th street for a while and luckily they also serve brunch.  Perfect!
Snow boots? Check! Big puffy snow jacket? Check!  Masa 14? Check!masa 14 logo
Masa 14 just opened up a few months ago to great reviews (at least from a few of my friends).  It’s a low key latin/asian fusion restaurant with modern decor and the longest bar I’ve ever seen!
IMG_3676I was really in the mood for fresh flavors and my wish was their command.  The plates are small and they recommend ordering a few dishes per person.  We ordered 5 and shared them!
First on deck: 2 different kinds of flatbreads.  One with avocado, peppers and mushrooms, the other with Serrano ham, cantaloupe and truffle oil.  Both delicious!
IMG_3671 The pepper and avocado flatbread had slices of fresh hot pepper on them.  I usually don’t order spicy food but this was a wonderful combination of smoothness from the avocado and freshness from the hot peppers that it worked really well.
The ham, melon and arugula flatbread was a fun take on the familiar “melon and prosciutto” dish.
Next was a seaweed and jicama salad.
IMG_3673 We then had our own “entrees”.  I had a poached egg over brioche with spinach, peppers and a hollandaise sauce. By the time I got to this dish I wasn’t as hungry and I probably should have been.  Oh brunch… eyes were bigger than the stomach once again!
After an amazing (and very filling brunch) we both thought a serious walk downtown to see the snow was in order.
Enjoy the “day after the snow” pictures!
IMG_3678 IMG_3680
Someone had some fun!
IMG_3685Photo-op with the White House snow family and Anne!
IMG_3688  IMG_3692 IMG_3695
It’s snowing again tonight.  They are predicting close to 10 inches. I guess this snow isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!

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