TK? Hi, My Name is Sarah: The Introduction

I am aware that cooking through a cookbook and blogging about it isn't a novel idea. Now that's I've gotten that out of the way...here goes nothing! My sister and brother in law got me Thomas Keller's Bouchon cookbook for Christmas. Little did they know that he is one of my culinary heroes. I work in a restaurant and have the privilege of eating fantastic Italian food for lunch everyday. Because of this I've been stuck in a rut of small unimaginative meals when I come home from work late at night. Along with my new years resolution to eat healthier I wanted to attempt to be more creative. What better way than have TK (Thomas Keller) guide me through French bistro cooking! Now I know some bistro cooking isn't exactly healthy, but everyone can cheat once in a while. What do they say?..."Everything in moderation"..right? That is why French women stay thin :)

My first encounter with all things Thomas Keller was on a trip to
Napa. I flew cross country and met my friend in the land of food and wine for 3 days of wine, wine, and a few incredible meals. Since neither of us could afford to eat at The French Laundry (or thought to make reservations there months and months in advance) so we decided to eat at Ad Hoc http://www.adhocrestaurant.com/.
Not only is the "prix fixe only" concept genius
but the prices are a lot more reasonable. Done! This was going to be our big night out. Thanks to the friendliest staff on the west coast and the best piece of pork belly that has ever touched my lips, we ended up going back for brunch the next day! Hooray for incredible food and fun new friends!

Even though The French Laundry was not on our "to eat" list, we thought walking by couldn't hurt. Little did I know that Bouchon was basically right next door. It was 3:00 PM and both the French Laundry and Bouchon were slow, quiet, nothing to see, no good smells wafting from the doors. Luckily enough Bouchon also has a bakery right next door. Having spent more money than necessary on wine tastings that day, We decided to treat ourselves to a macaroon as a snack. Amazing.

Above are Thomas Keller's macarons.

Below are mine!!!!..... I have some work to do.

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