Chicken and smoke alarms

Put aside the funky heating system, the little gray mouse we found last week, my doorknob that won't stay on, and the leaks in the ceiling.. at least our smoke alarm works! Who knew all it would take to set off the alarm would be a roast chicken!?

I thought I would start off easy: roast a chicken. I've roasted chickens before, but never in my little apartment kitchen. That in itself would be a test. No baster, no roasting rack, just a cake pan. Ready? Go! I used carrots as a roasting rack and followed TK's recipe! I think it was a success:)
Who wants dinner?!


Thomas Keller's favorite simple roast chicken

One 2 to 3 pound farm raised chicken
( I got mine at Trader Joe's. Yummy. It still had a few feathers on it...not so yummy)
Kosher Salt and freshly ground Pepper
2 teaspoons of minced Thyme (optional)
-I skipped this part, only because my thyme plant died and I couldn't bare to use dried
Unsalted Butter

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