Almost a year later... I'm back!

Hello again.

A new large amount of work and shockingly long hours at the restaurant put this blog on the back burner for almost a year now. Chances are no one noticed... but in case you did.. sorry! Since my last post I have moved out of my townhouse and into my own place, discovered a love for plants, red curry, and that one should not be afraid of whole milk, bacon or fat (in moderation of course).

My friend Anne started a food nutrition blog not long ago and she urged me to start mine up again... :)

Today is the first snow of the season..fitting because of my last post.
Saturday morning.... the morning after a long 13 hour day at the restaurant...first snow.... that means time for yummy breakfast!

Working so much hasn't given me a lot of time to go grocery shopping.

Current Refrigerator items:
Gatorade (for running! Oh yes.. I've also become an amateur runner)
Apple waiting to be made into apple sauce
Old bread
Parmesan cheese

What can a girl make with all this?? FRENCH TOAST!

My sister told me she made French Toast not long ago and so I give her credit for this great idea.

Day old bread (or older like in my case..more like weeks old but it's ok!)
2 eggs
cinnamon (if desired)

Crack the eggs into a shallow dish and whisk them. Add milk. I'm sure you are supposed to measure the milk out but I just added some until it was a nice yellow-y milk-y color. Add the cinnamon to taste.

Plunge slices of slightly stale bread into the mixture and let it sit until it has soaked up as much of the egg/milk as it can. I would flip the bread once to make sure both sides are nice and covered.

Move slices of bread into a greased fry-pan and let them toast until both sides are golden brown. Top off with maple syrup and enjoy!

(pictures to come.. my camera is being finicky. )

Next.....Holiday cookies!
In order to battle the stress of working holiday events I am going to bake holiday cookies!

Cookies to try:
* Thomas Keller's Holiday Sugar Cookies
* Pfeffernusse Cookies (a family favorite!)

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